Commercial Kitchen Design & Operational Consulting Packages

What SoulBrand Design Group can do for you:

A Commercial Kitchen Designed Around the Process

A great commercial kitchen layout is like a road-map for success. As a chef, April’s first step is to get an in-depth look at your food offerings and a deep understanding of your methods for creating them. It is her unique perspective that provides the framework for creating a commercial kitchen, designed around the process.

Designing a commercial kitchen is like organizing the steps to a recipe. We create an outline, or product flow, from the raw ingredients all the way through to the finished product. We break down each individual step into basic culinary principles and implement strategies to execute them while maintaining the highest quality and sanitary standards. No matter what type of food products you are creating, our knowledge of culinary methods and techniques can take a commercial kitchen that is “workable” and turn it into an efficient and beautiful center for your operation.

Our Operational Consulting Services

Makes the process of starting or updating your business simple. You provide the vision, and we help you create a plan to make it a reality. Whether you are new to the industry or are an experienced professional, we will show you the path to success! We realize that your concept is just as unique as you are, so we offer to provide as much or as little guidance as you may need to develop your business.

Top ten things we consider when designing a commercial kitchen

·        Flexibility & Space Efficiency


     Kitchen Workflow

     Food Sanitation & Food Safety

       Supervision & Training

      Energy Efficiency

      Air Ventilation


       Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Our services include, but are by no means limited to:


Technical Drawings

Project Management

Equipment Selection

Small-wares Assessment and Procurement


·     Sales projections and operating budgets.

·     Staff liabilities and payroll.

·     Menu costing analysis.

·     Vendor selection and product specifications.

Pre-Inspection Evaluation for Kitchen and Restaurant Health & Safety


·     Menu development, layout, and descriptions.

Menu Engineering

·     Menu specials, discounts, or catering opportunities.

·     Visual marketing: online, building interior and exterior.

·     Waitstaff training and selling strategies.


·     Ordering processes between the front and back of house.

·     Kitchen layout and service area organization strategies.

·     Product flow analysis from inventory receiving to customer delivery.

·     Product handling, fabrication, and waste controls.

·     Detailed recipe standards and preparation schedules.

·     Ordering levels and inventory control processes.

Maintenance plans    

Menu Focused


Staffing Focused


End to End