SoulBrand Design Group is a human experience interior design practice whose goal is to create green focused environments that promote healthy, human-centric engagement. Our evolution into an inclusive design-build focused community Design Lab will promote employee retention, design & business collaboration and continuous growth within our communities.


CEO | Interior Designer


Welcome TO SoulBrand

April Elaine Powell created a unique hospitality, wellness, retail and collaborative work-space focused interior design practice in Portland Maine after spending years as a wellness chef and hospitality professional throughout the US.

She is known for her skills in forming teams within some of the most successful companies in the hospitality industry, and several boutique and startup enterprises in food, wellness and design. April has a gift for collaborative idea generation, design concept development and bringing out valuable creative skills in others.

April believes that as industries , hospitality, wellness and retail are very complex and having a sound design plan that includes a focused operational plan can be the difference between making a profit or closing the doors.

April founded SoulBrand Design Group after attending Parsons School of Design for Interior Design with the intention of aiding the startup hospitality entrepreneur and restaurateur on their path to success, her desire was to help revitalize existing and possibly struggling commercial kitchens, restaurants, retail and wellness projects to reach a more profitable bottom line.

April has a unique understanding of wellness, restaurant, retail and collaborative operations and offers complete interior design and operational consulting services.

Although wellness and hospitality projects are her first love, April is committed to creating sustainable and beautiful environments that involve humanistic design, and an awareness of our planets resources for all her clients, where they live and work.