Our Vision


SoulBrand Design Group is a commercial interior design practice whose goal is to create green focused environments that effectively communicate each clients brand and concept personality. Turning your guest’s experiences from “ That sounds interesting” into “ I Have To Do This Again”.

Our evolution into an inclusive design-build focused community Design Lab Collaborative will promote employee retention, design & business collaboration and continuous growth within our communities.



For the best end result it is recommended that you include us in the process as early as possible, ideally at the same time or before planning with the architect or contractor begins. This way we can all be on the same page and iron out any discrepancies with the foundation pieces of the project, prior to the building phase when changes become more costly. This enables us to provide a full spectrum specification portfolio for the project, which will keep all involved on track with the design vision. A large part of our job is the ability to visualize the completed project and to understand what elements and details will work together to create the desired vision. When we know the overall design scheme choosing the layers becomes less overwhelming and the choices become cohesive.

How we work

We listen to your needs and problems and design beautiful spaces to solve those dilemmas. We help make tough decisions about improving your workplace, take care of finding reliable contractors and make sure the job is done within your budget. Our design team envisions, plans and outfits your spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional.

To begin, we meet and agree on a plan to move forward together. We discuss budget and expectations from both parties. We know your business operations are important and we don’t want to disrupt your flow at any point in the research, design or implementation process.
Research Phase
First, we research and analyze the current conditions, spaces, surrounding area, and local culture. We discuss your needs and goals for transforming your environment. Discovering how your physical workplace can better serve your objectives, your employees work satisfaction, and your clients’ environmental expectations. Our findings are summarized and presented in person in a context of how they will inform the next step.
Design Phase
We like to think this is where the fun begins. Drawings are created to help us visualize your space transformed to a place where your culture can thrive. The initial design is reviewed and once approved, we move forward with specifics for equipment, flooring, furniture, wall treatments, lighting, plantings, etc. Creating an action plan.
Action Phase
When the design and action plan is finalized, we schedule the work to be done, communicate with contractors, troubleshoot unexpected issues, and manage the project through to completion.
Ongoing Project Management
If any part of your design requires ongoing maintenance, such as a living wall, we will make sure there are maintenance instructions as well as a plan to monitor any issues that might come up.  

Founder | CEO | Director of Interior Design


Welcome TO SoulBrand

April Elaine Powell is the CEO & Director of Interior Design at Soul Brand Design Group. A seasoned design leader with professional experience across multiple industries, she leads the Interior Design firm’s efforts to advance a holistic approach to design, embracing not only the built form, but branding, curation and the development of user experience from every angle.

Before founding her unique hospitality, wellness and retail focused design firm in Portland Maine she attended Parsons School of Design in NYC and spent several years as a wellness chef and hospitality professional. Where she focused on training others in designing exceptional experiences, taking supreme care of guests, and developing the brand.

She has been Instrumental in forming teams within some of the most successful companies in the hospitality industry, and several boutique and startup enterprises in food, wellness and design. She considers her skills in idea generation, design project development and the ability to bringing out valuable creative skills in others a big part of what makes her successful.

Her firm offers a comprehensive service menu for hospitality startups, restaurateurs, wellness practitioners and boutique retail clients. In addition, she offers specialization in commercial kitchens, co-working environments and retail visual merchandising.

April and her team are committed to creating thoughtful and beautiful environments that involve human-centric design and bringing an awareness of how to utilize our planet’s resources into every project.